Color Makes No Difference

Written by:
Phillip Busby

I was born and raised in South Central California. My elementary school and junior high were predominantly black, as was my high school, which had only one Hispanic student. Growing up, my world revolved around Black power. However, my perspective broadened when I played football at Eastern Oregon State College. There, the starting quarterback was Hispanic and his backup was Native American. The players around me were white. This experience opened my eyes and made me wiser. I learned the true meaning of teamwork: being united and supportive of one another. I played alongside Bob Warsaw, who later turned professional in Canada. He was strong and helped me become stronger and more powerful. Notably, he never cared about my race; he simply wanted to help me improve. I learned to respect and rely on my teammates, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. This experience taught me that diversity is essential, much like the various ingredients needed to make a good cake. All praise belongs to God. Peace.