Brothers helping others

After the game, when we take off the jerseys, we all have one thing in common – we played the game of football and it helped us become better people.

green and white football fieldby Blocks Fletcher
Dirt Bros
instagram - @jakobnoahrosenby Jakob Rosen
Dirt Bros
a football player standing on a field with his arms in the airby Gene Gallin
Dirt Bros
football helmet on green grass field during night timeby Lucas Andrade
Dirt Bros
brown rugby ballby Dave Adamson
Dirt Bros
Football Teamby Tim Mossholder
Dirt Bros
shallow focus photography of football player holding helmetby Ben Hershey
Friday Night Lightsby Tim Mossholder
Football Teamby Tim Mossholder
The lights are on and the town is here for a show. Coach giving the last few adjustments before #7 takes the Travis Essinger

Welcome to the team

Men of all ages have been playing American Football for over 100 years. We wear our team jerseys with pride and compete as warriors. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, but ultimately, we are all on the field playing the best game in the world.

We join the game from different backgrounds and cultures, learning lessons from our coaches, teammates, and heroes who played the game before us. We learn life lessons that challenge us to be our best on the field and, most importantly, off the field. The game teaches character, intensity, focus, and hard work and it turns boys into men. We find ourselves sharing our stories from the game that helped make us who we are, and by sharing the stories, we stay connected….like brothers.

Dirt Brothers is about the brotherhood that stretches beyond our jerseys, teams, and towns. This is one of the largest groups of men in the world and it’s time we connected. If you played the game of football, you’re a Dirt Brother

Welcome to the team.

Football Stories

This is a place for anyone who has played American Football, at any level, to share lessons learned from the being a part of the game. Who are the coaches, mentors, teammates and rivals that helped shape your life?

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